Atlanta Hash House Harriers & Harriettes

Welcome to the website for Atlanta Hashing.


Imminent/recent fiascos:

  • Congratulations to everyone who completed, or dipped their toe in, the glorious 11 days of hashing. Who all completed the whole thing? Was it Glory Mole and Dribbles Before He Shoots?
  • As always, see the Recent Yap Yaps section, below, for live updates on whatever people have been recently gabbing about: upcoming trails, lost car keys, and whatnot.

Recent yap yaps

Hint: when you post to the Yap Yap forums, it magically gets listed here. When you post to Facebook, a tree falls in a forest.

Quote of the day

I just want to figure out how far a Piggy can go.</i><br>~Piggy's Bitch<br><i>To the market and all the way home</i>

-- Just Thomas

Fascinating admin stuff

  • More run stats are working! I tracked down some missing (well-hidden) run counts in the old database, and those have now been added to the stats. Check out the blacksheep and ah4 pages. They ain't pretty yet, but they're basically working, I think. These are based on the old-school stats layout.
  • Run stats for competitive jerks are working too! Select one or more hashers that you think you're better than, and compare runs on this page ... after hitting Submit, give it a few seconds to crunch all the numbers.
  • If you have an admin login, you can now edit the kennel homepages. Note: an admin login is different to a Yap Yap login. You should have an admin login if you're a GM or some other kind of half mind. Or, ask Too Limp to set you up.


What runs when:

  • AH4 - hashes every Saturday, on-out at 2PM.
  • Pinelake - every other Saturday, with the AH4 crew, but you get 30 more minutes to turn up! 2:30PM on-out.
  • SOB Slow Old Bastards, "r*ns" one Sunday a month for a lazy, kid-friendlier trail.
  • Black Sheep (dis)assembles every other Sunday for a high shiggy hash, 1PM out. It has its own pretty web site too.
  • Wheelhopper is a Sunday bike hash, on bicycles, once a month.
  • Moonlite banishes the Monday blues in styl-ish. On-out at 7:25 PM.
  • TxT aka Two For Tuesday is a sporadic Tuesday evening hash.
  • George's: Wednesday drinking practice at George's; run first if you want.
  • Duff is like George's, but not at George's; also Wednesday.
  • SLUT (Short Lazy Urban Thursday) runs and then eats whatever a hasher can cook! 1st Thursday of all 12 months.
  • Happy Hour H3 every Friday, somewhere else, at 7:00PM for dinner and drinking practice.
  • SOCO Southern Comfort. One Friday a month, 7:00 PM, as flies to wanton boys is which Friday to the gods.


We'll keep this up to date, I think? See the Yap Yap rooms for more details.

Stay tuned for more updates and features. If you really need to, email the web"master" at the email lurking at the bottom of these pages.