SOB #683 - 3/10/19 - Crip Teaser, Jus Lix Dix & Phred

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SOB #683 - 3/10/19 - Crip Teaser, Jus Lix Dix & Phred

Postby Calamari Richard » Tue Mar 05, 2019 9:09 pm

S.O.B. #683 - March 10, 2019
Hares: Crip Teaser, Just Lix Dicks & Phred

Start: Akers Mill Square (surprisingly, not in Decatur)
Address: 2967 Cobb Pkwy SE; Atlanta GA 30339; Office Max/Total Wine parking lot
Map to start:

Time: Gather at 1:30, pack of at 2ish
Cost: $8 for big kids, $4 for little ones

About S.O.B.: Aka the Slow Old Bastards, SOB is Atlanta's "premiere" in-town Sunday bi-weekly hashing experience with trails led by LEED-certified hares using only the finest locally grown cage-free organic flour and gently used Scotties' 2-ply toilet paper. Founded by Winston Churchill in 1945 after the invastion of Normandy, our kennel is generally family, walker and Coffee Bean friendly. In 1942 - three years before it was founded - it won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry but had to forfeit the title in 2018 when it was learned that the nomination application was forged by a young Roger Stone. Depending on how much the hare had to drink the night before, trails are generally between two to three miles in length with a roving beer stop to keep the po po off balance and prevent TV Hair and Tripod from being alone together for any prolonged amount of time ;)
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