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Di-erections to Hartwell

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:22 pm
by Sani
Follow these carefully and you won't get lost. :D :lol:

From Spaghetti Junction, take I-85 North about 81 miles to Exit # 177 (Lake Hartwell, Elberton.)
 Take a Right off the Exit #177 ramp onto GA Hwy 77 South, and go 5.2 miles to a 4-way junction.
Turn Left (just past the large gas station (used to be Shell) on your right) and go 2.3 miles to the end of the road (a brick farmhouse here with large trees).
Turn Left onto Mount Olivet and go 2.4 miles to an intersection (the main road curves left here at an old tin-roof house with trees).
Bear Right** at this curve onto Mt. Hebron and turn immediately Left on New Hope Rd. Take it 1.6 miles to its end
**Note: if you miss this turn go straight and you will still get to Boleman Hill Rd. Turn right and follow next step of directions.
Turn Right onto Boleman Hill Rd. and go 0.4 mile to the 4-way stop in the village of Reed Creek, GA. (The BP station and L & J Hardware/Variety Store here is your last opportunity to stop for ice, gas, etc.).
From the BP station continue straight ahead (east) on Boleman Hill Rd. (also called Reed Creek School Rd. east of the 4-way stop) and go 1.0 mile to a 4-way intersection.
Turn Left onto Crawfords Ferry Road and go 1.8 miles.
Turn Left onto gravel Robins Road. (The street sign is a bit obscured by a thicket at this left turn is just before a cinder-block building on the right.
Just 80 yards down Robins Road, take the 1st Right on a smaller gravel road ‘Family Road’ and go straight back 0.2 mile (avoiding any right turns) till the road ends at Oop’s lake house.
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