5-21-22 Celebration For Still Being Above Ground

5-21-22 Celebration For Still Being Above Ground

Postby Dawgy » Thu May 19, 2022 1:40 pm

This weeks hares are Little Willy and Dawgy. It was three years ago this Saturday (even to the hour) that Dawgy had his Pulmonary Embolism. And here he is laying a trail with plenty of shiggy along with Little Willy who suffered a heart attack three years ago in February. We both died briefly but the docs wanted to make sure they got paid so they worked extra hard and brought us back.
The start is at South River Intrenchment Creek Trailhead. It's off West Side Place near Bouldercrest Rd and Constitution Rd.
The cost is free but if you want anything such as food or drink you need to bring it.
Meet at 1:30, out around 2.
There will be turkey/eagle trail splits.
There will be some live parts but in keeping with the theme the trail will mostly be dead.
On the eagle there will be a long tunnel with a bright light at the end so no flashlight needed.
This is an AWESOME trail with a bit of EVERTHING! Everything except a beer/water stop. So if you want it you carry it.
Bring your dry shoes along with chair and anything else you want at the end. Trail is A to A.
Here is the link if you want to relive Dawgy's episode:
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