R2H3 Trail Trash #110 - FlOaT tHe EtOwAh!!

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R2H3 Trail Trash #110 - FlOaT tHe EtOwAh!!

Postby Hugh Heifer » Mon Aug 16, 2021 1:15 pm

R2H3 Trail Trash #110 - FlOaT tHe EtOwAh!!

It has sort of become tradition for the R2H3 to put aside bipedal motion at least once per year and try something else. What is that something else you ask? The answer: a lazy float down one of our three rivers.
This year about 15 hashers (and a few four legged friends) got together to beat the summer heat by floating the Etowah River. The put in was Grizzard Park at the western edge of town. There was a ChooChoo Hasher - Perverazzi, numerous Black Sheep hashers and the usual suspects from R2H3. CBT popped in to the start and set the hashers off as she was going to be bimboing for the day.
The weather held and the beer stayed cold. None of the hounds were pinched for not having a PFD, which was a good thing because later in the day I got a call from a muggle who failed to have one and did receive an invitation to pay a fine from the forest popo. Damn muggles.
The day was hot and the float took nearly four hours but to show hash comradery even the faster canoes, kayaks and paddleboards waited for the slow innertubes.
Take out was just around the corner from River Dog behind the levy off 2nd Avenue. Unfortunately we learned for a second time in the day that muggles are a sad sort when three shitheads made off with 30 Ragehole's canoe after he left on a car run. I know the hounds who stayed back felt awful as they did not recognize the theft was occurring.
Once all the remaining conveyances had been retrieved and loaded up, and after Vincent VanBlow figured out what he was going to do since he forgot his keys on the first car run and then missed the second one, the soggy group made for River Dog Outfitter's for an après followed by Tor Taco for a heart stopping burrito.
It was a tremendous day had it not been for the theft. Just ask those hashers who made it to Black Sheep the following day! I hear they were a little slow!
Come on out to R2H3 Trail #111 on Patriot's Day - September 11 and see what Aww Burnt Out and No Child have in store for the pack. Wear your red, white and blue for what will surely be a shigorific day! 111 on 11!
Until next time, "Hashing is fun! See you on trail!"
Hugh Heifer
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