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H5 Fri.6:30 Sept.10 Johnny’s Pizza (Hapeville)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2021 3:35 pm
by mchasher
H5 Fri. 6:30 Sept. 10
Johnny’s Pizza (Hapeville)
834 Virginia Avenue
Hapeville, GA 30354

Special guests from outta town, Wet Dreams & Tastes Great, will be there to tell us all about Florida life….
Also, special attendance by Head Nurse & EM. Rumor has it that EM might even buy some beer for the table.
Let’s talk about drinks for just a minute… they have fancy beer & cheap beer, but no cider and no hard liquor. Strongly advise to sneak some lil’ airplane bottles or a flask with you. They do have wine from Kendall-Jackson as merlot, chardonnay, and white zinfandel, but if you have some you like better, sneak it in. We are going to be on their covered patio and the high is only going to be 82, so by H5 time it’ll be in the 70’s so bring your sweaters or jackets. lol
They have more than just pizza so have a click through their menu…

Re: H5 Fri.6:30 Sept.10 Johnny’s Pizza (Hapeville)

PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2021 2:20 pm
by mchasher
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I have pizza coupons for y'all! See ya tonight!