H5 Fri. 7:30 Apr. 23 La Botana (Chamblee)

Time to drink up and end the week on an up note. Folks begin arriving about 6:30 and come and go throughout the evening. Make sure to bring enough money for drinks and food

H5 Fri. 7:30 Apr. 23 La Botana (Chamblee)

Postby mchasher » Fri Apr 23, 2021 1:34 am

H5 Fri. 7:30 Apr. 23 La Botana (Chamblee)
La Botana (Chamblee)
2071 Savoy Drive
Atlanta, GA 30341
Time for some mex! We're gonna go a bit later than usual at 7:30ish. It's always so packed at the earlier hour. They have a patio and I hope they'll have the flaps down & heaters on. lol
I cannot find a real website menu, so here is one plucked from the web. Who knows if the prices are correct but hopefully they aren’t off by much.
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