H5 Fri. 7PM Oct. 19th Glenn's Bar & Grill (Decatur-ish)

Time to drink up and end the week on an up note. Folks begin arriving about 6:30 and come and go throughout the evening. Make sure to bring enough money for drinks and food

H5 Fri. 7PM Oct. 19th Glenn's Bar & Grill (Decatur-ish)

Postby mchasher » Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:10 pm

Glenn's Bar & Grill (next door to Anthony's)
3155 E. Ponce de Leon
Decatur/Scottdale, GA 30079

Okay, y'all have been asking for something "new" so here it is! It only opened last Saturday, Oct. 13th. :D
Some folks have been requesting the Decatur area, and this place is a half mile from Decatur. :D
Other folks are tired of pizza and Mexican food, so here's a full bar & grill! :D
Others whine about lack of parking, but this place has a huge, FREE parking lot mere steps from the door. :D
Some complain about money, but this place is very inexpensive! :D

This place checks off a lot of boxes, so now you'll need to dream up new excuses to not show up to the Hash House Harriers' Happy Hour (H5)!!! :lol:

Check their Facebook page later to see their full menu...
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Re: H5 Fri. 7PM Oct. 19th Glenn's Bar & Grill (Decatur-ish)

Postby Sani » Fri Oct 19, 2018 10:35 am

Moonlite ended there on Monday and they were delighted :D :D to have us! food was good- really :P . Beer and wine prices were just great :mrgreen: . and the place has room for us to get one table for our group :o . Owner looking for us to come in tonite! Hope to see you there :P .
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