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Postby On the Rag » Sat Jun 25, 2022 11:31 am

PeachTree PubCrawl is Monday July 4, 0700.

Notable Questions include: Who actually started the Peachtree Pubcrawl? When? Why? What was/is it truly About? And, Can It Possibly Survive another 30 or so Years?

Absolute Certainties: once again Pub Crawlers will Unite to Bare Bums and Bear Beers and Assert our Natural and Providential Rights to On-Out and On-In and On-On! among our Beloved Neighbors Huffing and Puffing something they call the Ptree Road R@ce.

Details are Still Evolving, including how it all ENDS, but here is what we know.

MEET-UP Monday 4 July 2022 0700 (am!) is at 3179 Ptree, MoonDogs/PinkMartini, whatever, shuttered nightclub across street from Ptree Meth. This START/BS#1 is BYOB. Don’t kill yourself, one or two in a comfortable carry, OTR will have extras and paper cups for Mile One Beer Here.

ACCESS: 4 July is all about Independence, including your MOBILITY and PARKING OPTIONS, be creative! MARTA RedLine NorthSpgs train to Buckhead is a good option: exit with r@cists but bear Left/South/toward Piedmont/Ptree as you exit, follow r@ce course to 3179 on Left, just after Traitor Jo, barely half-mile. Or join the Crawl enroute, see BS below.


ON-OUT for PubCrawl 0720. Yes it’s early and ESSENTIAL to get the Optimal Crawl Experience. Trust me here. We’ll have 90 minutes for beer and fellowship, we’ll have 90 minutes to drunkenly stumble about 4 miles, we’ll have ample time for gamboling and frolicking. If you want, join the Crawl at one of several Beer Stops:

BS#2/Atlanta H4 @ Fellini’s, 2809 Ptree (ET-Depart 8ish)

BS#3/PineLake @ Eiffel Tower, 2300 Ptree clothing optional (depart 8:45 ish)

BS#4/Buy Your Own @ Black Bear Tavern, 1931 Ptree (depart 9.20 ish)

1776 Peachtree is a Notable Address; 1619 Peachtree is a Connector On-Ramp, alas. We’ll drink to both.

BS#5/BlackSheep @ Grassy Knoll, 1529 Ptree. (depart 10 ish) i double dog dare you R@cist Hashers to reconnect with the Crawl Here dammit, while the light is still good for a fight!

BS#6/SomeLovely Hasher@ OurLadyPainful Member, 1221Ptree. (depart 10.30 ish or when the dump trucks arrive)

THE END IS TBD, but we’ll update.

Can you get Extra-Credit for Half-Bandit XX!!? heck yeah! After All, the Half-B is a Deep and Sincere Homage to the PubCrawl, plus the Very Patriotic Half-Bandit sub’d in for the Crawl in 2021, but don’t try to get meta and cute and Bandit the Crawl: you still gotta pay!

Questions, see OTR or DebbieDoes, On-on!
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Postby On the Rag » Wed Jun 29, 2022 11:01 am

Crawl is On-On! (bump)
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