Frequently Asked Questions

These are common emails that the webmaster recieves on almost a weekly basis.

  • Do I have to sign up to go hashing?
    No, just show up to the start, bring some cash for the beer, and a change of clothes
  • I'm visiting Atlanta in a couple weeks, whats the start infomation?
    Let me pull out my magic 8-ball... TRY AGAIN LATER!!! Here at Atlanta the start infomation will be posted when they are known. Usually the start is posted between a week and the day before the hash. When they are known they will be posted on our events page and in the Yap Yap Room (Forum).
  • I'm new to hashing, which hash should I go to?
    The general recommendation is Monday Moonlight or Altanta or Pinelake on Saturday. These are the best examples of what Atlanta Hashes are, and are least likely to scare you away. If they scare you away then hashing probably isn't for cup o' tea
  • How do I get a username for the Yap Yap Room (Forum?)
    Due to spam bots we have closed registration, to get a user name send an email to info(at)atlantahash.com with your hashname, homehash, and preferred email address in 48 hours Piggy B will email you back with your usename and password.
  • I don't have a hash name can I get a username for the Yap Yap Room (Forum)?
    No shoes, no shirt, no hashname, no service. Get a hashname already, then we will talk.

~Piggy's Bitch
Web Master/Web Bitch